April 06, 2008

The Ben & Joey Show

Hey guys,

A lot has happened since 2004. Here's a rundown:

Ben moved to Portland, OR
I moved to Los Angeles, CA
I became a computer programmer instead of a tv writer
Ben became involved in like 50 musical projects
I moved to Portland, OR
I got married to my dream woman
Ben and I started a weekly podcast comedy talk show type thing called The Ben & Joey Show
Charlton Heston was taken from us far too soon

But yeah, if you liked the 15 Minute Show (and really, who didn't?) you should check out this thing. You can subscribe in iTunes or just listen to it on the site. Each episode features a new original song and a lot of unoriginal nonsense talk. We're having fun doing it and hope some people will actually listen. TAKE A CHANCE ON US!

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