March 12, 2004


two great things about today:
1. it's the start of spring break
2. agent cody banks 2: destination london comes out!

i don't know about you guys, but for me that means 9 straight days of CODY BANKS ACTION!

he's a spy but he's also a kid!

also, our new short, the question is available now for download and features some excellent acting by josh and even peter!

posted by joey at 02:24 pm
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I want to see more laura. MORE LAURA MORE LAURA MORE LAURA!!!!
posted by: marty scorcese on March 15, 2004 03:20 PM

CrAzyReBel15: sup dr beatbox: yo CrAzyReBel15: hey dont fuck around with gotgirlz4u CrAzyReBel15: k CrAzyReBel15: how old r u dr beatbox: are you the brains of the outfit? CrAzyReBel15: R U GONA ANSWER ME OR NOT dr beatbox: are you the enforcer? dr beatbox: the goon? dr beatbox: the muscle? CrAzyReBel15: WHAT dr beatbox: i think you heard me, kitty. CrAzyReBel15: THE FUCK U TALKIN dr beatbox: i think you heard me loud and clear. CrAzyReBel15: FUCK UP I WILL FIND OUT WHO THE FUCK U R AND I WELL FUCK IN SHUVE A RIFFLE UP UR ASS AND IT WONT FEEL GOOD CrAzyReBel15: WHAT SCOOLL U GO TO dr beatbox: please, no! dr beatbox: riffles terrify me CrAzyReBel15: what schoolll CrAzyReBel15: u go to u big fuck CrAzyReBel15: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D dr beatbox: listen, rain man. dr beatbox: i'm sure this kind of bullshit makes you feel big dr beatbox: but i've got no beef with you CrAzyReBel15: k dr beatbox: i just want my life back. CrAzyReBel15: coo CrAzyReBel15: what the hell r u talkin CrAzyReBel15: about dr beatbox: i don't think you'll understand dr beatbox: until you've lost it all CrAzyReBel15: listen CrAzyReBel15: sorry CrAzyReBel15: jus tell me do u know me dr beatbox: don't tease me dr beatbox: this is a rough time for ol' lenny. CrAzyReBel15: of who CrAzyReBel15: of what dr beatbox: your twisted wordplay stings like a knife CrAzyReBel15: listen who the fuck r u dr beatbox: i told you dr beatbox: i'm lenny CrAzyReBel15: and dr beatbox: the kid with the 'do rag and the earring CrAzyReBel15: what schoool CrAzyReBel15: hey i jus send u my pic CrAzyReBel15: tell me if u know CrAzyReBel15: me dr beatbox: thanks, bro CrAzyReBel15: k dr beatbox: haha, you're pretty ugly. dr beatbox: you go out like that in public? CrAzyReBel15: fuck u CrAzyReBel15: u got the wrong pic CrAzyReBel15: u fuck dr beatbox: wrong pic? CrAzyReBel15: ya dr beatbox: was there a mixup in the mailroom? CrAzyReBel15: wrong pic CrAzyReBel15: i dont know CrAzyReBel15: k dr beatbox: secretary drunk on the job again? dr beatbox: you oughta fire her ass dr beatbox: i'll tell you what to say CrAzyReBel15: hey dr beatbox: "linda, your drinking is beginning to interfere not only with your personal life, but matters here at work." dr beatbox: "now, either get some help, of find another job." dr beatbox: "the boss man don't have time for this shit." dr beatbox: "THE BOSS MAN SEZ PACK YO BAGS dr beatbox: "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" dr beatbox: "SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT" dr beatbox: you writing this down? CrAzyReBel15: she or he said lenny is a fag CrAzyReBel15: dont talk CrAzyReBel15: to him or this fucken doug dr beatbox: i really wish i could comprehend your drunken language of growls and grunts CrAzyReBel15: fuck u dr beatbox: you're a pretty aggressive little guy dr beatbox: bet you're pretty wild in the sack dr beatbox: wanna give me a chance to find out? dr beatbox: cmon, darling dr beatbox: give me a chance, sweetie CrAzyReBel15: FUCK U CrAzyReBel15: GIVE UR MOMA A NOTHER TRY dr beatbox: MOMA? dr beatbox: in new york dr beatbox: yeah, i really should go back dr beatbox: i stormed out during that cubist exhibit dr beatbox: there was no need for that shit dr beatbox: you gotta give propz to the cubists, yo dr beatbox: those are my PEEPZ CrAzyReBel15: K CrAzyReBel15: THAT IS NICE LEAVE ME ALONE dr beatbox: you frontin' ??? dr beatbox: don't fron on the cubists, floppy. dr beatbox: hahah dr beatbox: FRON CrAzyReBel15: FUCK U dr beatbox: it's TRON with an "F" CrAzyReBel15: FUCK U CrAzyReBel15: FUCK U dr beatbox: GET IT?!?! CrAzyReBel15: FUCK U dr beatbox: remember tron? dr beatbox: those were the good old days! dr beatbox: i bet jeff bridges is available dr beatbox: let's work on a FRON screenplay dr beatbox: computer animation has come so far, don't you think? dr beatbox: imagine the mind blowing stuff we could do dr beatbox: you still there, bro?
posted by: CrAzyReBel15 on March 16, 2004 04:54 PM