May 13, 2003

exciting contest news

a ragtag team of 15 minute show cast and crew members participated in the 24 hour video race over the weekend. the panel of judges probably won't have the guts to recognize the genius of our 5 minute short, "My Big Fat Greek Wallace," but we're going to be at the Angelika on Wednesday night at 6:00pm to make sure that they actually watch it. we had a bunch of complimentary tickets, but those were lost and we think it's $2 per person to get in, and you get to watch 9 other crappy shorts. so come join us!

anyway that movie's going to be on the web in a few days so mike kreein and all of his lame friends can download it and masturbate to some brian skowron freeze-frames.

and we're putting the finishing touches on another short called "When Pogs Fly." that one's 10 minutes long and a lot more coherent.

with the announcement of the 2003-04 staff at nttv, we're optimistic about our chances of getting on the air there. right now we're shooting and editing episodes 2 & 3 and everyone's supposedly working on material for episode 4. hopefully by the end of the month episode 2 will be complete and we can have a party and then watch all this stuff at patrick's house. so keep an eye out for that.


p.s. big ups to brian for losing the tickets.

posted by joey at 12:00 pm
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