April 22, 2003

the 15 minute show airs once, promptly removed from nttv schedule

so we finished the first episode of the show and submitted it to the station about a week and a half ago. they scheduled it for eight airings this week (including monday through friday at 1:40pm, a really wrong time for the show). it aired monday at 1:40 and was later deemed inappropriate for broadcast. it's been removed from the schedule for the rest of the week, and the station goes off the air after friday until the beginning of june. we might be changing a few things in the first episode, but i'm not sure exactly how to go about doing that.

anyway, we're in the process of filming episodes 2 & 3, and we're about to start writing episode 4. so the worst case scenario is that we'll have a bunch of episodes of a tv show that we can show our friends but can't play on channel 22. but hopefully we'll get a later time slot and make a few minor changes and everything will be cool.

posted by joey at 12:00 pm
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