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"ROOMIES" is a radio sitcom written & performed by ben & joey. the first episode aired on 88.1 KNTU in the d/fw area as part of frequency down. future episodes of roomies will not air on 88.1 KNTU.

episode 1: the baby fights - aired 10/26/03
guest starring kendra kearby

episode 2: the fridge - unaired
guest starring peter hofstad & patrick swinnea

ben & joey on frequency down - aired 11/02/03
hosted by frank hejl. after ROOMIES was banned we did this intro with frank for his show.


makin' sandwiches theme by ben, jake & joey
this predates the 15 minute show, and is kind of the first song that we did together and really kicked off the songwriting explosion of '03.

living with kevin theme by ben & joey
from episode 1.

slammin' by xavier richards
from "when pogs fly."

the fire inside by ben, jake & joey
from "when pogs fly."

it's sad to be a ghost by ben & joey
from episode 2.

B-U-D-D-Y featuring jelly beans
from episode 3.

waiting room by ben & joey
barely audible in episode 4.

ben talks to his dad by joey
from episode 4.

moustache song by peter & joey
from episode 5.

emotions by peter, ben & joey
barely audible in episode 5.

ben's driving theme by peter & joey
from episode 6.

ex-girlfriend theme by lots of guys
from episode 6.

bubblegum song by ben, peter & joey
from episode 7.

cheeseburgers by ben, peter & joey
from episode 7.

coffehouse song by ben
from episode 7.

the high 5 by joey
from episode 7.

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take up space

hey guys! let's start a poker night! how about our place at 9:00?

4260 play texas holdem here!
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I miss you guys so much!!!! Why must you leave me!!!

That's also funny.

bob costas

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