the 15 minute show is a wild-and-wacky sketch comedy show written, performed, etc. by a bunch of people in denton, tx (some of whom attend the university of north texas.)

scandal & shame

creator/producer joey nelson wrote the first episode ("the curse") and successfully pitched it to the bigwigs at nttv, the local college tv station. the first episode was taped, edited and submitted to the station, where it was aired exactly one time and pulled from the schedule.

given the first episode's rather tame content and bleeped profanity (conveniently unbleeped for you web viewers!), this came as somewhat of a surprise. future episodes were already in production, and rather than abandoning the show, the gang decided to continue, with no guarantee that the show will ever be broadcast.

triumph & redemption

while the show is still actually not on tv, it has developed a rabid internet following. even people from germany have watched the show! those crazy krauts!

the 15 minute show even pulled off an astonishing second place win at the 24 hour video race with their groundbreaking short film "my big fat greek wallace," possibly the greatest film in history featuring an inanimate object as a protagonist.

the 15 minute show continues to produce new episodes, with a goal of cracking the double digits before graduation (that's at least 10 episodes, folks!).
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take up space

hey guys! let's start a poker night! how about our place at 9:00?

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I miss you guys so much!!!! Why must you leave me!!!

That's also funny.

bob costas

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